Richard Askew

I build websites...


Nice to meet you, thanks for popping along. By trade I'm Lead Developer who works for ServerTastic.

Other than that I'm a lecturer, occasional writer and busy trying to organise events for Digital Coast but you can read more about that later.

I've developed this site so I have a place to tinker with new things.

Core Technical Skills: PHP, MySQL, CSS, xHTML

Experience With: Linux, Apache2, XML, CakePHP, jQuery, SSL, WordML

Third Party Products: Wordpress, Joomla, OSCommerce

I Advise On: Social Media integration, Accessibility, Usability

Project Skills: Team Management, Planning the User Journey, Documentation, Requirements Gathering, System Modelling and Database Planning

Where I can be found...

How I built this site...

I used to have a very boring site full of texty text that no one read. I'm a developer by trade and have always struggled with the design side of things so I thought I'd concentrate on making a prettier site than I normally would.

It should keep evolving over time but I used the following websites and resources to kick me in the right direction:

Header illustration

Lovingly created by House of Deadleg

CSS3 banner


Lobster from Font Squirrel


BGPatterns Generator